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workshop announcement!

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Really excited to share the details for a virtual workshop I'll be offering later this Fall as a part of Hyp-ACCESS's weekend-long event, HERBS 4 HYPS. I'll be one of a few community herbalists offering individual workshops throughout the weekend. At the end of the weekend, all the herbalists will participate in a panel, speaking on topics and questions raised by the attendees.

Herbs 4 Hyps / SAT Nov. 12th: 1-4pm ET / SUN Nov. 13th: 1-5pm ET


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Ground Down: Herbal Topicals for Chronic Pain

Saturday, November 12th, 3-4pm ET

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Photo of delicate chamomile blooms drying on a plastic drying rack

2023 Herb Bank Recap

tall green wavy grass with yellow flowers in the center with white text reading: "Free herbs for Black & Indigenous folks."

Serenus herb bank is live!

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